Donations serve local communities through patient care and support of state-wide progressive initiatives and non-profits.

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We are dedicated to supporting our most marginalized communities by addressing economic, physical, and other barriers experienced while accessing reproductive care.

Reproductive Access Fund raises money by hosting events throughout the year. We host these events with help from the community, by receiving donated venues, food and drinks, and volunteer hours. We are very thankful for the support we’ve found for our mission here in Northern Michigan. This support allows us to donate 100% of the funds raised to our neighbors in need. 

Thirty percent of RAF donations will go directly to the Traverse City Planned Parenthood Walker Health Center, earmarked to help pay for access to care. Which allows us to be where the need is. Seventy percent of donations will go to the Access Fund. This fund is used for anyone who comes to us with a need. 

In 2019 we dispensed funds for 2 abortions, an IUD, a copay, a gender confirmation surgery, and a ride from Houghton Lake to Grand Rapids. We also provided wood, condoms, and Plan B for the Anishinaabek Camp water protectors in Levering.

In 2018 we were able to help fund 5 abortions, 3 treatments of Rhogam, 1 hotel room, a Lyft ride, lunch money for a patient, birth control post-procedure, and gas for multiple patients.